Wednesday, March 08, 2006


How time flies. It just seems like yesterday when I first joined the Volunteer-A-Day (VAD)program organised by National Community Social Service. It’s almost half a year since I joined the VAD. Frankly speaking, I joined the program as I was wondering if there is really a group of selfless people who are willing to spend their weekend afternoon volunteering. Normally I spend my afternoon sleeping or just window-shopping with friends. Somehow at the back of my mind, I never forget what a lecturer told us,"Hey you all are using the taxpayers' money for your education". I reckoned that I am paying back to society through this simple act of sharing.

Indeed, I learnt that there are many volunteers who really relish in spreading joy to the less privileged. Some of the senior volunteers have really volunteered for more than 5 years and some for as long as 15 years!!! Wow, I really have deep respect for them. I always wonder what kept them going on. I then realised that it is the pure unadulterated joy of seeing people happy.

There are times when I didn't come due to some personal problems. But somehow, I’ll come back as subconsciously I will think of how they are doing like is Mr Qian getting better with his physiotherapy? I then realised that some of the old folks actually miss us. They would ask where were the girl with the long hair and the bespectacled tall guy?

There are many volunteers who have made an impact of the seniors. Do join us.
This Saturday, we’ll be singing the songs that Weini has complied despite her hectic schedule at university. It is really easy and you know what, more seniors will enjoy it since we be singing from wards to wards. As for the handicraft lessons, we start when the response is good. We hope more volunteers will join us in these exciting activities. I mean if there are only 3 or 5 volunteers in the handicraft session, how many seniors can join us? Some seniors really need the volunteers’ help in painting. Thus the more volunteers the merrier and thus more seniors will be able to enjoy the joy of arts and craft activities. So do ask your friends to join us.

Cheers. :)

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