Friday, September 01, 2006

NPVC Volunteer Recruitment... 31 Aug 06

Bravo!! Thumbs up and a warm round of applause...( infinity) to Carolyn!! Her debut presentation was simply great, short n sweet! The otherwise mundane talk ( usually the case by others) was spiced up by her natural gestures and varying expressions...with of course her megawatt smile too!! Perhaps we, the junior volunteers shall ask her to share more with us her good public speaking tips one of these Sats ah..hehe.. All in all, A big thank you to Carolyn for taking up this task which had been wondrously accomplished... 5 new names on our contact list..meaning 5 potential new volunteers to join our big family come 9 sept... We shall look forward to meeting these new faces.. n to bringing out the volunteerism spirit in them... ( ref to pix below..hehe..)

Now's my short recount of my visit to Istana 4 the President's Social Service Awards 2006... Been a great learning experience and a fun one as well where i got to taste sumptuous spread of food and see VIPs like the President himself, the ministers...Dr Balakrishnan, Teo See Luck etc in well as listening to the encouraging and heartfelt stories of volunteerism in SG.. I especially like the beautiful renditon of song" over the Rainbow" by young 11 years old Christine aka" SG breed of "Charlotte Church". Hew voice was simply captivating and melodious. The other song by a resident of a volunteer home/organisation( oops, I forgot the names) was another heartwarming song entitled: " I volunteer". It must have struck a chord in me too with the chorus part that goes on like this... "When the world turns you in circles and the wind in your face... I am here . I volunteer" ( disclaimer... I may not have remembered the lyrics correctly.. so tis is as much as I could recall.paisei)

So at the end of the day, Life in SG isn't tat bad after all with such kind souls and unsung heros in society who are there to make a difference in other lives be it young or old.. This is a community spirit too, I suppose..caring and supporting for one another fellow Singaporean esp for the less fortunate. Yes, no doubt there are often black sheeps and selfish and mercenary people around who spare no thought for others..but isn't this the way of diversity in life... Why give up hope in other innocent lives due to some bad examples who spoil your day or event etc... Adversity builds character in us, so treat the bad incidents in our life as learning paths while we continue to care and share for others... for ...

We are all like one-winged angels. It is only when we help each other that we can fly
- Lucio de Crescenzo

No acts of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted - Aesop

The Meaningful Sculpture @ the entrance of NPVC.. Coolz Purple Star..Nicez...

Babe in action... What a natural speaker, our dear Carolyn!!

Look up! that's the geographical location of ASh!!

Halfway through the informative talk...

Listening attentively except Teck Ee?

The serious yet gentle side of Carolyn... Wow Wee..