Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ESN Agency Open House and Raffles Girls' School (Red Cross Youth) visit on 28 May 2011

On 28 May 2011, we played host to Elderly Sector Network -Agency Open House and second visit from Raffles Girls' School Red Cross unit.

Briefing on basic wheelchair handling

residents and volunteers are all so attentive, listening to briefing by Czek Xing

Hockey Time


Sing Uncle Gilbert Sing

Medtronic Intl Ltd Visit on 14 May 2011

We welcome a group of employee from Medtronic Intl Ltd spending a lovely afternoon entertaining our residents with food, drinks, game, prizes and songs.

Residents getting ready for food and entertainment

Busy preparing food for residents that consist of puff, yam cake, cakes...

Serving food time

After food is passing parcel or more like passing ball game time

Practice singing before......

Meeting the audiences at the wards

Group photo

A big thank you to employee of Medtronic for choosing All Saints Home for your CSR and delighting our residents.

Hope to see you all again.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Salt Bottle Day - A Pictorial Guide

Have you ever wondered how the colorful bottles sold at souvenir shops are made?

Since some volunteers from our sister home - All Saints Home (Hougang) turned up, we decided change the initial befriending activity to art & craft session to answer the above question. I shall let the pictures do the talking on the steps of making salt bottles. Hopefully this post will act as a reference guide for future volunteers.

Step 0 - Collect chicken essence bottles (or any variants) with their caps intact. Soak them in water for a good 4-5 hours and peel off the labels, store the bottles in a dry place.

Step 1 - Setup tables padded by old newspapers to allow easier post activity clean up

Step 2 - Rub colored chalks on a plate of edible salt, and distribute the color evenly

Step 3 - Pour the colored salt into the bottles using funnel. Fill up one fifth of the bottle each time with different colors to achieve the rainbow effect. In between the layers, gently swirl the bottle to ensure even distribution.

When you are filling the final layer, allow a 2-3mm gap from the brim of the bottle for wax sealing later.

Step 4 - Seal the bottle with hot wax (preferably white) so that the salt is packed firmly and prevent the subsequent mixing of colors in the bottle

Step 5 - Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle

Step 6 - Do not forget to clean up the tables too =)

Happified volunteers & residents

We ended the simple art & craft session with the usual singing session around different wards. We were fortunate to have Benjamin & Roger to be the guitarists today!

Strum all your worries away!

I overheard the seniors singing - 我的故乡在 Tampines (My Hometown is in Tampines)

The ever jovial Edmund who brings a happy mindset to lift up spirits for residents & volunteers.

Sing along with residents

New Panasonic Viera at Level 3 - thanks for whoever that sponsors this!

Service ended with a debriefing session by Edmund. It was mentioned that feeding session will be kicked started in the near future, so posting a poster below as a reference material first.