Friday, March 16, 2012

Greeting cards and bookmark handicraft session on 25 February 2012

The residents have never fail to impress us whenever we have handicraft session with them. They did it again with beautiful and creative decoration of the cards and bookmarks.

look at how carefully they place those lovely design on the ice cream stick

while the rest are decorating, this resident is kept busy rolling out the patterns for them. Without her, they won't have nice patterns to use and this is called teamwork.

time to present their finished artworks

Our guitarist Ray and Dawn strumimg away

It really make a great different singing with and without guitar

Look at volunteers, happily singing away

February Birthday and Makan session on 11 Feb 2012

This month,we are serving soon kueh and Milo during the makan session. A big thank you to Siew Chin and her friends for food sponsorship. We had bingo game where residents walk away with fabulous prizes.

February is also Xing's birthday.

cutting of birthday cake to be distributed

Residents enjoying soon kueh

Bingo game time

anticipating the winning numbers

singing time