Sunday, March 26, 2006

25th March 2005 Session

This week is the singing session. Prior to the singing session, we played ball-passing game. Some elderly loved this game as it is very interactive-based and it also exercises their limbs.

Volunteers also made some plastic bottles filled with beans and it certainly created the buzz as the seniors shaked the bottles as we sang. We sang to the best of our ability. Yes, they appreciated it and some even sang with us. :)

Oh yes, on 8 April, there'll be orientation at All Saint Home. Senior volunteers will be guiding new volunteers. On 8 April, there will be handicraft session. Next week 1 April, there is no handicraft session as we hope to introduce the activities to new volunteers. Instead it will be singing session.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat. We must find each other. By Mother Theresa

I realised the significant of the above quote when I visited the home today.

Saturday is the day when the elderly look forwards to the volunteers' visit. Some even note down the number of weeks that the volunteer didn't visit. Why volunteer? It is to spend a few hours of our weekend to bring some joy and love to the elderly. To show that there are people who care for them. To let them know that they are not forgotten by the society.

Monday, March 20, 2006

All Saints Home Volunteering Schedule

Hi people,

What's up??? I guess this is my first post to the blog. Hohoho... Want to post some schedule of our volunteering service. =D

We are planning some schedule for All Saints Home Volunteering sevice. Our service is on every Saturday. It starts at 1430.

Going to do some alternate handicraft session and sing on every week. I believe you all have read the handicraft session posted by Sze Li. =D If haven't, can scroll down to read or click here. =D It's really fun... =D

For those who like to go to karaoke, Good News for you!!! Now, you can go for Karaoke for free!!! Yup2, it's free. Well... without mic or TV for lyrics though. =P Can sing your heart out in All Saints Home. =D Come and share your beautiful voice with us. =D

The detailed schedule is shown below:

Week one:
1430 Befriending, playing ball
1530 Singing session (Please gather at level three)
1630 Dinner time.. Yeahh... =D Volunteers can go to level two or three to help feeding. =D

Week two:
1430 Handicraft sesion, one or two volunteer can go for befriending.
1530 Singing session (Please gather at level three)
1630 Dinner time... =D

Week one starts on the 25th March 2006. =D So come and join us. Looking forward to see you all there...


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Handicraft Session 18 March 06 Part II

The aunties and uncle who joined in the handicraft session are Uncle Wong Sim Fen, Aunt Chin Siew Ngoh, Yu Meo Tai, Lee Ya Mei and Ah Khim...

Our Artistic master, Uncle Wong Sim Fen, engrossed with designing the cards...

Meng Kwee and Ninik assisting Aunt Chin Siew Ngoh, to let her have fun and joy in the handicrafts session.

Sharon and Aunt Yu Meo Tai... See how our dear aunt is engrossed with art, come join us!

Teck Ee doing the design and Lee Ya Mei looks on huh.

These are the cards completed... Done with love, fun and laughter!

The volunteers who were helping out at 18th March 2006's Handicrafts Session...

Want to lend your helping caring hands? Can contact Edmund at "97813499"

Handicraft class on 18 March 06

On the bright sunny Saturday afternoon, we had a wonderful time with ASH senior. We had several volunteers joining us namely Sharon, Niniek, Eric, Teck Ee, Meng Kwee and Edmund. It is heartening to see the elderly enjoying the painting session. The handicraft response is getting better. Hey more elderly are joining us and getting interested! Perhaps they are intrigued at the activity after they heard their friends' recommendation.

There is a mute uncle, Mr. Wong Sim Fen who really relishes in painting. Looking at the dazzling smile on his face when he saw the newly created patterns he painted over the stencil brightened up my day too. We communicated simply through gesturing. I used the colour he selected and pressed the stencil. One lesson I learnt is that we should empower the elderly through the activity.

Indeed painting has therapeutic effect. Arts is another form of communication whereby the artist has the absolute freedom to reveal his thoughts and ideals to the world-at-large. Likewise the completed work is left to the audience to interpret.

Uncle Wong was really absorbed into painting, colouring whatever paper he could get his hands on. At the end of the session, he completed 6 cards!!! He reluctantly stopped when it was time for dinner which always starts promptly at about 4.3o pm.

The handicraft session is a great chance for the seniors to chat with the volunteers. It is also a great opportunity for them to indulge in the simple pleasure of painting in the otherwise mundane afternoon.

Hope to see more volunteers joining us. Will post the handicraft photos. Stay tuned. Meanwhile enjoy the CNY, Christmas and Senior Citizen photos uploaded.

Senior Citizen Event-19 Nov 2005

Finally the photos are uploaded. Take a tour at the performance put up by young children and ASH staff and not forgetting the ASH volunteers.

We want to watch the show!!!

Presenting roses to volunteers.

The young performers. The kids can really perform. Kudos to them.

Ballet dance. Lets fly towards our dreams. Yeah...

English folk dance. Where is my partner??? (Note the boy to the far right.)

Latin dance. Let's shake the hip! To the left, to the right.

Mongolia dance. We love dancing! Lalala.

Indian dance. Reach out for the sky!

Spanish dance by the children. Let me fling my dress.

Hey, the volunteers can really sing, particularly Bee Leng and Sharon.

ASH Volunteers. There is a shy one.

Shanghai turf boss? Don't play play.

A-go-go dancing queen.

Vote for me!

I can do a hip-hop dance.

Is this aunty or uncle? Oh Uncle can really wriggle his hip.

Wow, Uncle can also be sexy. Come and see for yourself .

Dance performance by ASH staff.

Sketch by ASH Staff.

Another performance by ASH staff.

Prize-giving ceremony for Senior Citizen Pageant 2005.

Senior Citizen Pageant 2005 -She won the Second prize!!The A-go-go dancing Queen.

Senior Citizen Pageant 2005 Winner and ASH volunteer Bee Leng.

ASH staff. They have done an excellent job!!!

A hearty dinner to end the celebration!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Chinese New Year Photos on 4 Feb 06

Finally the Chinese New year's celebration photos are uploaded. Enjoy.

ASH Seniors awaiting the CNY performance which was specially lined up for them.

Surin and staff singing their hearts out!

ASH staff donning in cheongsam and singing in Mandarin.

Chinese Songs by Cornerstone Church Youths.

ASH staff performing the Myanmar traditional dance.

New Year Songs by S'pore Life Church Women.

ASH Volunteers and the elderly playing "Up Up Down Down"game. They really had great fun with the game!

Tian Chee, our eloquant MC revealing the next number.

Finally, the man(Jiahao) behind the cardboard is revealed. Energetic Weini prompting the elderly for the next number.

Presenting the prize.

Our happy winner with his prize- a water bottle!!!

ASH talented senior performing harmonica.

ASH volunteer Esther with the senior. Hi there.

ASH, CEO , staff and residents tossing YuSheng (Chinese Raw Fish Salad) for good health and prosperity after the wonderful performance.

Edmund and aunty Pui Leng. Edmund is the man behind the camera. Thanks to him for all the wonderful photos.

Christmas Day Celebration-17 Dec 2005

In the season of giving, ASH volunteers participated in the Christmas celebration with the elderly. Before heading to ASH's celebration, the volunteers namely Eric, Jiahao, Weini and I went to Volunteer Fair beside the Tampines Mall to introduce volunteering to the public.

Later we joined in the ASH Christmas Celebration organised by the ASH. I have uploaded the Christmas Day Celebration photo took by Edmund, our photographer and senior volunteer. Take a look!

ASH booth at the Volunteer Fair beside Tampines Mall.

ASH poster.

Really eye-catching poster right?

Getting ready for the Christmas performance.

Philip as the King from the Bible.

ASH Staff and senior re-enacting a scene from the Bible.

Dunman Secondary school's students giving a well-coordinated and excellent stunt move.

Wow! I didn't know ASH staff can really dance and shake so well.

ASH staff singing Christmas carol.

What is Christmas without Christmas Tree?