Monday, March 17, 2014

March Birthday Celebration

There is no better way to start off the month than to celebrate our dear residents' birthday. This month we had colourful Ji Dan Gao (Steamed Cakes):
Our meticulous and thoughtful volunteers did not forget to cut the cakes into bite-sized pieces so that uncles and aunties can enjoy the food. While working hard, our beautiful Carolyn also never fails to make jokes and entertain the rest of the volunteers :)
Introducing Crystal, one of our young and cheerful volunteers. This photo captures her tender moment with one of the residents. Her smile and cheerful disposition always brighten up the old folks' day.
And here is the main section of the celebration. Let's sing a birthday song and light up the candle on the delicious cake to celebrate the uncle's and auntie's birthday. We all wish them great health and happiness.
Uncle Goh cutting the cake to share the joy on his birthday with the other residents and the volunteers
After savouring 2 types of cakes, it's time for the residents to try out their luck with Bingo! The grand prize was boiled peanuts can, which surely excited many residents. Meanwhile, our volunteers were concentrating on helping the them check the bingo cards.
After a exhilarating Bingo! session, we wheeled the residents up and went from ward to ward to sing Tian Mi Mi, Xiao Cheng Gu Shi, etc. Our singing may not be perfect but the residents enjoyed themselves and always generously clap for us.

February Birthday Celebration

Here comes the first birthday celebration in the year of Horse. Aunties look so bright and they seem to be ready to slice the delicious cakes!
We are glad that our uncles and aunties definitely enjoyed the Chwee Kueh, many of them asked for second serving!
Behind the scene: Our volunteers busy preparing chwee kueh, coffee and tea to serve the residents.
After eating, let's do a small exercise! Edmund- our "real man wears pink" senior volunteer is leading the residents and other volunteers in acting out a very creative and entertaining song titled "Char Kway Teow". If you are curious, join us as a volunteer to find out more!
At the other end, Rae and Ivy were also actively cooking char kway teow..
As you can see, many residents won biscuits for striking one row of numbers in Bingo. But they still concentrated on checking to bag the grand prize: Brand Chicken Essence. Wow such high tension
Thanks Ah Boy for his enthusiasm and super loud and clear voice
As usual, after Bingo session was our singing session. We were happy many elderly sang along with us and appreciated our singing.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Lunar New Year celebration 25 January 2014

This year, the volunteers has decided to hold Lunar New Year Celebration on the 25 January 2014 as we are unable to attend the celebration organized by the Home on a weekday.
Our volunteer Mohan teaching volunteers on balloon sculpting

Serving new year goodies

decoration in the hall

games prepared by our volunteer Linh and Trang

Volunteer Agnes helping Uncle to answer the quiz

Performance by our volunteers

Goodie bags distribution time.

Residents look happy with the content which include residents' favourite pork floss, seedless prune, wan wan biscuit and another healthy oatmeal biscuit