Monday, March 17, 2014

February Birthday Celebration

Here comes the first birthday celebration in the year of Horse. Aunties look so bright and they seem to be ready to slice the delicious cakes!
We are glad that our uncles and aunties definitely enjoyed the Chwee Kueh, many of them asked for second serving!
Behind the scene: Our volunteers busy preparing chwee kueh, coffee and tea to serve the residents.
After eating, let's do a small exercise! Edmund- our "real man wears pink" senior volunteer is leading the residents and other volunteers in acting out a very creative and entertaining song titled "Char Kway Teow". If you are curious, join us as a volunteer to find out more!
At the other end, Rae and Ivy were also actively cooking char kway teow..
As you can see, many residents won biscuits for striking one row of numbers in Bingo. But they still concentrated on checking to bag the grand prize: Brand Chicken Essence. Wow such high tension
Thanks Ah Boy for his enthusiasm and super loud and clear voice
As usual, after Bingo session was our singing session. We were happy many elderly sang along with us and appreciated our singing.

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