Friday, April 11, 2008

BBQ gathering on 29th March 2008

Dear volunteers,

We just had our very first gathering on the 29th March which was a Saturday evening. And it was a BBQ day at Mount Faber's Condo!!! Really thanks Benny for his greatest help. Without him, I guess we would definitely have a hard time finding a best BBQ location for everyone and it wouldn't be a BBQ gathering that meant for ALL SAINT HOME volunteers, rather it could be a "combined" BBQ with the strangers. And HOORAY!!! Our one and only one ALL SAINT HOME BBQ~~~~ :) hahah..

We started the BBQ at 5pm. As it was on a Saturday, the normal service had been changed to 12pm instead of 3pm so that those who could make it at the service would finish before 3pm and made a trip down to supermarket to get some items needed for the BBQ. For those who did not join them at the home for service, came either earlier or later for BBQ. Like me! haha..

There were really really alot of people came for the BBQ gathering: sook ying, carolyn, eric, kee teck, edmund, rimei, TECK EE, meng kwee, eunice, gerina, weizhong, zhenshen, ah xin, shao rong, Benny and his wife, tracy, michelle and her sister!! and of course our dearest SURIN~~ :) Really a big reunion...

We ate and ate non-stop at the gathering.. The main reason why I was indulged in eating big time is because of the FOOD!! Carolyn made a super delicious, oiishi Japanese's potato salad (that one i ate 4 rounds! each round with big scoop. I'm not kidding... You guys gotta ask her to make some when she comes for service), chicken wings, satays, otah etc!! Countless i could say... Even the most plainest BEE HOON tasted like i was in paradise lah. haha... Too bad those we couldn't make it ;P But something disappointing is the OTAH! I'm a otah lover but that day the otah was kind of "sad". It tasted not fresh.. I wonder what was the uncle doing lah. hee...

Some of the volunteers sat at the round table "playing" game: "riddles" which I always don't quite get it all the time. You know those kind when you had in the 1st 3 months of jc? "Bang bang bang! Who died?" I'm totally sucked at that. And some of us was in-charged of the barbecuing the food. I really have to thank these kind-hearted souls who sacrificed there's time by cooking the food nice and well. If you gonna ask me to bbq the food, I can say "that's it for the food". I could possibly make them go home with stomach being 10% full!!! (because of all the overcooked and not edible food all cooked by me!) haha... Thanks edmund, ah xin, rimei and weizhong! Plus SHAO RONG!! Master of BBQ because he really taught me how to bbq! Arigatou sensei! Anyway, I did make some successful ones though (eg. mashmallows) Oops is that counted bbq-ing? ;P

I tell you! Banana can be bbq-ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But remember don't mix up HONEY and BUTTER when brushing it over the fire... Because I made that silly mistake! haha.. The first banana tasted oily and sweet. kekeke...

Lastly, we played POLAR BEARS!!! OMG it was the best time playing this! Almost 10 of us participated the games and you could really discover some talented ACTORS==> Teck Ee, Benny and ACTRESSES==> Eunice. And even the potential detectives==> Ah Xin who always with lots of logics and reasonings that I have never though of. In conclusion, the most innocent looking people the most suspicious he/she is and the most talkative people will die first (ME!!!!). Really must make this game compulsory in all our gatherings.. We all had a great time laughing non-stop!

Lastly, we brought out the chocolate cake to celebrate for the Feb-March-April babies!!

And as you know, in every bbq outing, there's ought to be leftover food and that apply to us. And in every bbq outing, there's ought to be all of us do not wish to carry home the food and that apply to us too! What had been done to solve the above problems? Of course..... Jing1 ku4 mi4 ma3!! That is everyone will have a turn to say a number from 1.... to 99 and the one who "bingo" it will be "awarded" with the food.. WAHAHAHHAHAH And guess who are the lucky ones? Carolyn! Teck Ee!

Check out our funniest moments we had at bbq outing~~~

Our family photo! Awww....

Hey guys... You gotta stand closer to the cake... Come come....

Oops the candle is falling... Feb-March-April babies hurry hurry! :)

Our Mr Good Guy is gonna cut the cakes! Yummy!! Kee Teck give me the largest piece. Forget about my diet plan. Start tomorrow k!

Go go!! Say cheese!! Give us your dazzling simile! Woohoo

Check out the babes in ASH! Kawaii!!!!

Who made that food for Teck Ee???? Come drink some water Mr Best Actor......

Only men can understand that hand signs... Cheeky dudes!!

AT LAST... Wishing you guys all the best in whatever you do!! Come everybody let's say the cheers:

Gimme a "A" "L" "L" "S" "A" "I" "N" "T" "S" "H" "O" "M" "E"
What's that call????

Phew... that's gonna be all for today... Seeya~