Wednesday, July 06, 2011



In short, we need YOUR votes! :D
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In long, why do we need YOUR votes?
This is the shirt design done by Weizhong, one of our volunteers who is currently overseas. It will represent All Saints Home at the ESN Carnival 2011 T-shirt competition!!! The design that is chosen by the judges as well as upon voting will be used as the official design for the ESN Carnival T-shirt. Elderly participants from the winning agency will get their T-shirts for FREE! And I'm sure you would like OUR residents to wear OUR T-shirts, especially when they are free of charge!!! So wait no further, cast your wise vote now! :D

More on ESN (Elderly Sector Network) Carnival 2011!

WHEN: 27th August or 3rd September 2011
WHERE: Yishun Junior College
_community bonding
_sharing and exchanging of ideas amongst volunteers
_interactions between volunteers and beneficiaries especially those in the elderly sector
This vibrant event, together with the combined efforts of the volunteers, should provide the beneficiaries an afternoon of fun-filled activities and joy beyond measure.
THEMECelebrating the Golden Years!!!


1. HIGHLIGHT: first ever ESN'S GOT TALENT!!! (in-charge by Rae!)
Our volunteers and residents will participate in a vibrant aesthetic competition together with those from other homes! There'll be dancing, singing and what not! Do come down and support the would-be superstars from OUR HOME! :D

2. Game stalls, food stalls and handicrafts for volunteers and residents will be set up by all the different homes!!! YAY!!! AREN'T YOU SUPER EXCITED?

3. Lucky draw prizes and Goodie bags will be given away to the beneficiaries and a WONDERFUL SURPRISE will be awaiting all volunteers!

Such a fun-packed afternoon that you can't miss!!! 

Last but not least, have you voted? HAHA. No stress! Please don't forget, thank you very very much!!! :D 

Sunday, July 03, 2011

July Birthday Celebration

Time flies and our volunteering activities have entered H2 of the year.

A string of exciting activities like Elderly Sector Network (ESN) Carnival, Moon Cake Festival and etc are lined up for our residents. That's one of the reasons we are engaging SG Cares participants on a monthly basis, to recruit regular volunteers to support such initiatives.

First week of the month is designated as our Birthday Celebration & Food session, and this week is no exception.

The service was kicked started with a round of introduction of All Saints Home (Tampines), and the weekly activities of volunteers.

A wheelchair crash course was conducted before the volunteers were broken up into various groups to run the event.

Menu of the Month = Turnip & Glutinous Rice Cakes

Jia Ling & Karen are acting as Food Station managers this week. Well done in distributing the food equally to those present in hall, and also residents who stayed back at the wards!

Volunteers are tagged to individual residents so that they are well taken care of.

The nurses stepped in to help out in feeding too.

This month we are fortunate to have a double cake celebration. I have a feeling that the second one is nicer.... Only the residents would know =)

Birthday songs were belted out by All Saints Hougang volunteers. The sister home in Tampines is in need of more talented guitarists... Any volunteers??

The July babies are seated at the VIP Table this week and garnered the most attention.

Bingo Game. Let me tell you this card is the best invention ever. When the numbers are called out and matches the ones available on the card, just press it down. Pens are not need anymore, especially handy for those weaker residents.

Bundle of Joy - Both Trang & Linh can not utter a single Chinese word or dialect, and yet their communication skills are superb! I wonder how they do it, those interested please setup tutorial sessions with the dynamic duo.

Introducing the Bingo Boys - JH & KC

Guitarist Benjamin in action during the ward-2-ward singing session.

Mosaic ministry members are now our regular volunteers too!

The volunteering session ends with a meaningful debriefing session. It is a platform for us to receive your feedback and implement service improvement ideas.

A big THANKS to everyone, and we hope to see more SG Cares participants coming back to join in the fun-filled services.