Saturday, January 30, 2010


A fulfilling 2009 has passed and promising 2010 has come to our door. During the course of 2009, we have achieved so much in terms of many successful events that we organized such as Singapore Flyer outing, Chinese New Year and Christmas celebration. However, I think that the greatest achievement that I had was that I had a chance to be part of an UNITED, FUN AND AWESOME volunteer group like All Saints Home volunteer group, had a chance to get to know more about the old folks and help them to enjoy their life a little bit more and on top of that I had a chance to have friendship that I will treasure for life. Think back to the time when I first join, how blur I was when the old folks asked me in Chinese, how funny I sounded when I sang an old Chinese song, I know I can't be who I am today without all the volunteers, my peers, my friends from All Saints Home volunteer group. Thus, it would be my biggest mistakes if I don't scream this out loud: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JANUARY BABIES (and other months babies as well :D).THANK YOU for the time you have spent to come down and help us, THANK YOU for the smiles that you always bring to All Saints Home, and of course, THANK YOU for being born and be the person that you are today. :D
This year, a new traddition has been made, this month is the first month that Volunteers and Residents birthday celebration is combined. Now, our lucky Jan Babies (Trang, Thu, Rachel, Sharon and Wooi Cheng) can celebrate their birthday with 89 more Jan "BABIES" (according the record, the oldest baby is 101 years old :D).
Trang and Teck Ee
Thu and her trademark smile <3>
preparing the cake
We would like to thank All Saints Home for sponsoring BIRTHDAY CAKE, All Saints Home volunteer group for the karaoke session and all other volunteers for actively participating and serving the elderly. And for OUR DEAREST JAN BABIES, WISH YOU AN ENRICHING, AWESOME YEAR AHEAD :D And this is a small wish for myself, I wish years from now, I could still see you guys every Saturday afternoon, giving the best we can to see the elderly bright smile :D