Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration - 22nd September 2012

Here we are at the Mooncake Festival Celebration - an annual event both the residents and volunteers really looked forward to! As usual, this year celebration brought about so much fun and laughter to everyone who attended! What can be more joyful than tasting those tender, yummy slides of red bean, lotus moon-cakes and savoring the juicy pomelo flesh? Of course you can't miss out Mid Autumn-themed music and lantern passing game - those little pieces of childhood memory we all hold dear! Take a peek at our capture of the loveliest moments and emerge in the festive atmosphere yourself!

Aunties are enjoying their moon-cake and pomelo!

Uncles' facial expressions: "I'm loving it!"

Make a wish and blow the candles!

Thank you The Cake Shop for sponsoring the tasty birthday cake!

Need to practice cutting birthday cake? Come to All Saints! You need skills!

Volunteer helps pass the lantern around!

Lantern passing game!!! Something we are never tired of playing!


Hottest performance of the celebration! "Made in Mosaic Ministry"

Lucky draw!

Volunteers' performance - the best A-capella group in town!

Sing along the wards!

We would also like to thank Peach Garden Restaurant for sponsoring the moon-cakes and Benny - our beloved senior volunteer for his awesome pomelo! Of course, the celebration wouldn't be so fun without all of our wonderful volunteers and residents! Thank you to all for turning up!

You don't always need celebrations to feel festive at All Saints Home. Why? Come and experience it yourself! Be a part of our volunteer family to LOVE and BE LOVED (: 

Monday, October 29, 2012

ESN Carnival 1st September 2012

This year ESN carnival was held at Republic Polytechnic. Theme for this year was "Strolling Back To The 70's".

 Yousuf guiding the resident on how the game is played

Our food store selling Chee Cheong Fun and Durian cakes 

 Esther dress up for carnival theme

 Our master chef
 Our game master


Volunteer group 7th Anniversary celebration

 Food Food!!!

 The famous Durian cake

 untangle me please!!

 Human pyramid

 Can you guess what i am trying to say?

 The overall winners!!!!

The volunteer group is 7 years old. A big thank you to all volunteers that have volunteered with us and spending your Saturdays afternoon bringing joy and laughter our residents. Let us to continue to do our best, to filled remaining journey of our residents' life with concern, care, warmth and love.