Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mass Games Session with SG Cares Volunteers

Last Saturday we spent a lovely afternoon playing mass games with the residents. This will not be possible without the help of SG Cares volunteers. Mass games sessions are usually labour intensive as volunteers need to guide the residents, ensuring their safety, pick up strayed balls and keep the scores.
It doubles up as a good body work out too =)

Every SG Cares volunteering activity will begin with the introduction of the home, activities, and basic communication techniques. Basic wheelchair training will also be provided.

Jiahao was explaining the background of the home and activities to SG Cares volunteers.

Participants were paying their full attention to the presentation.

Carolyn was guiding volunteers on safe wheelchair handling.

Fun time # 1- Bean Bags

Fun time # 2 - Fishing Games

Fun time #3 - Smash Cans

Fun time #4 - Ping pong balls

Sing along session around the wards

Revien shared her volunteering experience with the participants.

SG Cares volunteers, thank you & we hope to see you again =)