Friday, April 08, 2011

April Birthday Celebration with SG Cares Volunteers

It's our great pleasure to host 18 SG Cares volunteers on 2nd April for the monthly birthday celebration with the residents.

Shortly after the introduction of the Home, and wheel chair handling briefing, the volunteers sprang into action to wheel the residents down to the dining hall to kick start the celebration.


Menu of the day was Chee Cheong Fun (rice noodle roll with sweet sauce), and the volunteers were pre-occupied with the food preparation, and serving the residents present on the day...


The snacks proved popular with the residents, and were quickly polished off.. Our volunteers promptly topped up for those who requested for more, and served residents on the upper floors who were not present at the hall.


It's our usual practice to celebrate residents' birthday on every first Saturday of the month. Unfortunately, not all residents are healthy enough to make their way down to the dining hall... Last Saturday was an exception, as one usually frail resident (Ah Hong) turned up, and we were pleasantly surprised =)



Birthday songs echoed around the hall thanks to the large number of volunteers who sang their hearts out... In turn, aunty Heng Wah wished residents and volunteers to be healthy and cheerful always.


While Miss Octopus (yes, the one wearing H&M) was busy dissecting the cake, channeling volunteers to different sections, thinking about the activities ahead, and ensuring orderliness...... the birthday babies were enjoying their piece of cake.



Introducing Bingo Boys - Lester, Benjamin, and the other gentleman whom I did not manage to catch his name.



Residents are usually excited with the prospect of winning something from a game be it lucky draws, mass games, and Bingo is one of our official pastimes during big celebrations like this one.

Am I striking soon?


First Bingo of the Day - prize collection on behalf of resident.



Volunteers being trained on new oldies before the ward singing session..... Singing session is the default activity for every of our service - due to strong demand for our mesmerizing voice.


The Quartet of All Saints


Tian Mi Mi (甜蜜蜜)feat SG Cares Volunteers


You're My Sunshine - a special request


The debriefing session is a good forum for regular and SG Cares volunteers to exchange their views, process improvement ideas, and experience to make the next service better. We appreciate the various constructive suggestions given during this session.


Group Photo & Home Sweet Home


A note to SG Cares Volunteers from Edmund.....
Thank you for spending good times with All Saints Tampines old folks and enjoy the meaningful moments together.
Volunteering Offers You A Great Experience = VOYAGE
Spread the Volunteering spirit and passion…