Thursday, February 21, 2013

CNY Handicraft

Coral Secondary School Visit on 19 January 2013

Coral Secondary School students came on 19 January 2013 to spend a wonderful afternoon with residents with games and performances.

                                                                    Gangnam Style dance


                                                                   Piano Performance

                                                                   Photo souvenir

January 2013 Residents' Birthday Celebration

How time flies!!! 2013 first Birthday celebration. Food served - Pork meat bun.

Christmas Celebration on 22 Dec 2012

The Home had Christmas Celebration on 22 Dec 2012 

    Residents gathered at the Chapel and all dress up for celebration

   Master of ceremony

Speech by Elder Chua 

Speech by GOH Mr. Baey 

  Performance by Pastor Larry and ASHome staff

  Performance by PA Youth group

 Volunteers giving out goodie bags

                                                                       Group photo

  Our first try

Second try