Friday, July 04, 2014

June birthday and Fathers' Day

Despite the heat of June, we had a lot of fun and had good food celebrating Fathers' Day and the elderly's June birthday. Everyone's smile was much brighter than sunshine on a saturday afternoon.
The pies served became extra tasty and crispy with the help of our little lovely volunteer. The residents were very delighted to see him :)
The residents enjoyed the food and a cup of coffee or tea (or me?) Look at their beautiful smiles!
"Ummm let me try this pie. Let's see if it tastes as delicious as it looks"
Last but not least, We sang Happy birthday in 2 languages, sometimes even more to celebrate the residents' birthdays. If you know other languages, you are welcomed to join us and sing the song in your own language :D The cake also added sweetness to our wishes to all the Fathers in the Home and elsewhere.
Master Belinda dissecting the cake, making sure each and every piece is of standard size. Zendy, as always, is ready for the camera!
Stay tune for more exciting activities in July! Bye!