Sunday, March 19, 2006

Handicraft class on 18 March 06

On the bright sunny Saturday afternoon, we had a wonderful time with ASH senior. We had several volunteers joining us namely Sharon, Niniek, Eric, Teck Ee, Meng Kwee and Edmund. It is heartening to see the elderly enjoying the painting session. The handicraft response is getting better. Hey more elderly are joining us and getting interested! Perhaps they are intrigued at the activity after they heard their friends' recommendation.

There is a mute uncle, Mr. Wong Sim Fen who really relishes in painting. Looking at the dazzling smile on his face when he saw the newly created patterns he painted over the stencil brightened up my day too. We communicated simply through gesturing. I used the colour he selected and pressed the stencil. One lesson I learnt is that we should empower the elderly through the activity.

Indeed painting has therapeutic effect. Arts is another form of communication whereby the artist has the absolute freedom to reveal his thoughts and ideals to the world-at-large. Likewise the completed work is left to the audience to interpret.

Uncle Wong was really absorbed into painting, colouring whatever paper he could get his hands on. At the end of the session, he completed 6 cards!!! He reluctantly stopped when it was time for dinner which always starts promptly at about 4.3o pm.

The handicraft session is a great chance for the seniors to chat with the volunteers. It is also a great opportunity for them to indulge in the simple pleasure of painting in the otherwise mundane afternoon.

Hope to see more volunteers joining us. Will post the handicraft photos. Stay tuned. Meanwhile enjoy the CNY, Christmas and Senior Citizen photos uploaded.

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