Saturday, March 18, 2006

Christmas Day Celebration-17 Dec 2005

In the season of giving, ASH volunteers participated in the Christmas celebration with the elderly. Before heading to ASH's celebration, the volunteers namely Eric, Jiahao, Weini and I went to Volunteer Fair beside the Tampines Mall to introduce volunteering to the public.

Later we joined in the ASH Christmas Celebration organised by the ASH. I have uploaded the Christmas Day Celebration photo took by Edmund, our photographer and senior volunteer. Take a look!

ASH booth at the Volunteer Fair beside Tampines Mall.

ASH poster.

Really eye-catching poster right?

Getting ready for the Christmas performance.

Philip as the King from the Bible.

ASH Staff and senior re-enacting a scene from the Bible.

Dunman Secondary school's students giving a well-coordinated and excellent stunt move.

Wow! I didn't know ASH staff can really dance and shake so well.

ASH staff singing Christmas carol.

What is Christmas without Christmas Tree?

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