Sunday, March 19, 2006

Handicraft Session 18 March 06 Part II

The aunties and uncle who joined in the handicraft session are Uncle Wong Sim Fen, Aunt Chin Siew Ngoh, Yu Meo Tai, Lee Ya Mei and Ah Khim...

Our Artistic master, Uncle Wong Sim Fen, engrossed with designing the cards...

Meng Kwee and Ninik assisting Aunt Chin Siew Ngoh, to let her have fun and joy in the handicrafts session.

Sharon and Aunt Yu Meo Tai... See how our dear aunt is engrossed with art, come join us!

Teck Ee doing the design and Lee Ya Mei looks on huh.

These are the cards completed... Done with love, fun and laughter!

The volunteers who were helping out at 18th March 2006's Handicrafts Session...

Want to lend your helping caring hands? Can contact Edmund at "97813499"

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