Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Volunteering at All Saints Home - Tampines

2nd mooncake festival ep. 2

WAHAHAHHAH!!!! u guys must be wondering how come this gal ar...suddenly end the blog like that...nv finish the mooncake celebration story...nv finish praise the pple...like that cfm fail english composition lor... abrupt ending.. haha i PURPOSELY ONE DE~~ coz i got episode 2 for u guys to see.. later if post too long pple will sleep ma...so decided to do this way..

anyway, i'm sure u guys have seen me and sharon in the photo standing on the stage rite? any guess?? WE THE MC!!! haha... yeah yeah...three cheers for us pls....haha... den u saw our "KAWAII"="cute" meng hwee??? haha..he's the rabbit!! sihui's the beautiful chang 'er and zhen shen's the MACHO hou yi...haha...many of the photos showing hou yi sad expression..coz he missed chang 'er...so pple dun say we make him sad k...lolz... anyway, u seen some unfamilar middle-aged uncle and auntie on stage rite? they came to perform for us...they really sing till not bad leh... nice voice sia...if got superstar compeitition i'm sure will vote for them!!! haha...actually got ask them if they got teach free singing session de..but they rejected me...haha..kidding la... okie..that's all le...i finish "talking" le..haha...anyway, teck ee...hope to see you ASAP!!! we miss ya presence~~~~ not the eerie thing pls...haha... OUR DEAREST ERIC~~~~ waiting for u to COME BACK TO US~~ you belong to us!!! (oops sound scary..haha) really wish u're ard....but dun worry....almost half a year..onemore year left and u will be back!!! YEAH~~~ sze li and michelle...hoepfully will see u guys soon...i noe sze li really busy with ya work..but dun worry...we will keep u updated,....u wont be the last one to noe wad happen in all saint home...coz u noe y?? still got the CANADA PPLE!!!! haha...no lah...kidding..jiahao and weizhong....we all really miss u alot...coz everytime sing along session...we HAD TO SKIP "STAND BY ME"!!! hahhahahahaha......den we miss u two lor.. no lah...kidding la!! really miss u guys...coz u guys always make us luff...w/o u all seem like we skip one meal...haha...HAPPY RITE??? of course... btw, jiahao, auntie pui ling got ask abt u everytime we visit her at her ward...she tells u to take care and be healthy!! so dun play play at canada hor...muz listen to her...lolz... anyway, looking forward for the canada-made gift ar...haha...cya!!!!

------------- THE END ---------------


SzeLi said...

Haha, u all really rock! U all really made the elderly days. Haha, really wonderful coordination u guys had. Funny MCs, and now then I realise SerHui can sing so well. Next time know who to arrow to sing hor. No regret here cos I watch the performance. Those guys at Canada and London can only wait for the photos. Hahaha.

ChelleLyn said...

Yoz folks.. Keep up the good job! Been a great celebration for all..
hmm..would love to c the script 4 great laughter 1 of these days.. Been busy with Bio Field trips, neverending deadlines for lesson plans etc..Gearing up for real teaching in Feb..i suppose..also busy movin into Hostel as I just gotten a room..Yeah, no more dreadful travelling from East to West everday.. All in all, So apologetic for my MIA lately... I miss our ASH big family too.. Hope to join in for usual session soon.

Eric said...

Hey you all, GREAT JOB on the organizing the moon cake festival. I really wish I were there. =( But it's ok, like Weini said, there will be a lot and a lot more moon cake festival celebration to come. So, just to make sure I'll be around when the time comes. =D