Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Volunteering at All Saints Home - Tampines

2nd mooncake festival ep. 1

WOOOOO~~~~~ Have u guys seen those photos?? Cool rite? Thanks to Carolyn and the rest who have spent so much time and effort in preparing such a memorable day...Thanks zhen shen for his "chang3 er2 beng1 yue4" cum "gao3 xiao4 ban3" script!!! He was our committed director and scriptwriter... seriously, one day i shall post the script on here to let u guys have a look at it.. bloody funny!! me and sharon who were narrating it were laughing silently lor..almost ganna internal bleeding...heng our kungfu not bad can tahan that level..lolz.. anyway, thanks to the generous sponsorers!!! providing us the mooncakes...super delicious and yummy...(though dunno how much calories everyone had eaten le)and thanks to those who prepared the chrysanthemum (correct spelling?) tea and youzi for the old folks during the tea break. oh ya!! i wanna complain eh!!! the people who prepare youzi ar, eat all the sweet one and left us the sour one rite? tink i dunno..haha..(coz i also eat all the sweet one and left the sour one behind....some old folks complain too sour haha..)kidding lah!! really thanks sia..anyway, since the old folks couldnt have their food in the chapel, we let them finished the food in teh canteen before starting the celebration. Kinda dragged the whole event bUUUUTTTTTTTTTT IT WAS A SUCCESS!!! Thanks to WEINI and SHARON~~ haha..nah...thanks to everyone who helped out in the celebration..especially the new volunteers and their frens and family who came down to join us on our celebration...even carolyn's sister and mum came down!!! cool rite? nxt time i also muz bring all my relatives espcially my ah ma sia!! haha...i'm so touched!!! really appreciate those who came.... *SoB* moreover, they also got "chu4 li4" leh, they 'climbed' ard the area to hang the small laterns, some involved in the preparations of the persents and cards also lor. Too bad Eric, Jiahao, weizhong, edmund, sze li, michelle and teck ee not ard.....if not i'm sure they envy us *wink* BUT IT'S OKAY!!!dun be sad...BECAUSE there always be many many many mooncake festivals de..haha!!! so they can take over us anytime...YEAH~~ sharon we can retire le..haha!!!

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