Monday, June 12, 2006

My Most Memorable Volunteering Experience- 10 June 2006

Last Sat, I arrived at the ASH with a heavy heart as I intended to stop volunteering indefinitely. My heavy workload is getting on me. I was wondering if I could commit on Sat.

I arrived from work and was really late for the meeting on ASH fund-raising event which will be held in November. For your information, there will be games, some handicraft stalls and food stalls to be set up for this fund-raising event. After the discussion on the ASH fund-raising event which was complemented with some snacks; courtesy of Surin, we proceeded to our usual singing session.

At level 3, one elderly uncle pointed at us, the regular volunteers and excitedly exclaimed that we were there last week and the week before. He also wondered when the next handicraft classes will start. It was at that moment that I realised the significant of volunteering.

Volunteering is a commitment. From the elderly response, I realised that though they are happy to see volunteers, they are MOST happy when they see familiar faces - the regular volunteers as it signified that they are sincere in befriending them, keeping the friendship alive and are committed. It indicates that they are so important that volunteers willingly spend the precious Saturday with them. It meant that they are not forsaken.

Last Saturday was the most memorable experience as it dawned on me that I should continue where possible as it meant a lot to the elderly. Also, I realised that it is important to ensure the continuity of any activities implemented as long as the activity serves its purpose in engaging the elderly and satisfying their needs. During the public talk held on Sunday at Henderson Community Centre, I shared my most memorable volunteering experience though I don't really know all of the volunteers. However, I believe that, being senior volunteers, they could share with me their advice and experience.

Volunteering is a committment. I will continue where possible.

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