Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dumpling Festival - 3rd June 2006- Part 2

On 3rd June, we celebrated Dumpling festival organised by our Chairman, Eric and our great committee with Jiahao, Weini, Sharon, Carolyn,Kee Teck, Esther, our senior volunteers and their friends. Under the hot smoldering sun, you guess it right! we perspired uncontrollably! Special thanks must goes to Touch Ubi volunteers who spent an hour giving a stellar performance of song, dance and number-guessing game. Hee, the elderly really love the oldies particularly one duet song. One uncle pulled me over, flashed an appreciative smile with his thumb up, and said, '' Very good!".

This event also displayed how talented our All Saints Home's volunteers are. We have really good MCs who successfully built up the atmosphere and we discovered a potential singer like Weini. Haha, so next time you all know who to look for a solo singing performance. The talent is all in here. What's more, Edmund, one of us senior volunteers spent the day to be our photographer who took all the professional photo shots as shown.

The weather was already hot. Add to the sizzling and sexy dance by one of the ASH staff, you can imagine what the atmosphere was like. It was simply hot coupled with the volunteers' burning desire to share the dumpling festival with the elderly. It was a mind-blowing event. Don't regret not joining us hor, we be celebrating Mooncake festival, you can join us then.

We also played two games namely the dragonboat and Bingo games. For the dragonboat game, there were 4 pairs of elderly competiting to be the fastest in passing the dragonboat picture starting from elderly A to elderly B and back to elderly A. It was a really exciting game and great exercise for their arms too.

As for the bingo game, the winner must strike 5 numbers and they would win a prize. Hee, there were total of 10 prizes. The volunteers assisted the elderly to help check the list of numbers they had with 25 numbers scrambled by Edmund.

ASH volunteers also performed five songs; 1 English(Top of the World), 1 Hokkian(Strive to Win) and 3 Chinese songs( Shanghai Tang, and Catch the fish )

Special thanks must goes to Tianchi and his collegues who donated $150 for the food and drinks. The elderly had some goreng pisang and etc. Though they didn't join us, their love and kindness had spread far and wide to the elderly. What is a celebration like without some good food?

The event was a success. Although all volunteers were tired from the long event, it was all worth it. They had made a difference that day to so many elderly.

Meanwhile, do join us for the Mooncake festival. Stay tune.

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