Sunday, March 01, 2015

Exhilarating Outing: a trip to River Safari

For couples and singles alike, Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love in all of its forms. This Valentine's we spent a memorable day at the River Safari with All Saints elderly. To celebrate which type of love? Love for animals, for the nature, for volunteering and most importantly love for each other.
So here we are at the entrance of Singapore Zoo all excited for the expedition ahead.
Ah Xing is cracking his head over the program flow and manpower allocation.
 Ah, as we all know, he's got this.

 The festivity of the new year is eminent in the air. Even more so when we all wear All Saints Home Volunteer RED T-shirts.
Ready.Set. Go! The residents are already fascinated by the scenery.

We are warmly welcome by the staff at River Safari.
Along the trail are the huge fish tanks with fish come all the way from Mississippi River,  Africa, Yangtze River China and all over the world. It's really therapeutic for the residents to look at the variety of fish, from catfish to stingray.

 Emerged from the rivers, we entered the house of Kai Kai and Jia Jia. But first let's say Hello! to this pretty Red Panda, or Fox right here.

The pandas are sleeping peacefully. A panda usually spends 8-14 hours on sleeping every day. That's why we all love panda! Because we wish to be able to sleep as much :D

 We are not allowed to get too near to the pandas so why not take a photo with this giant wall mural? I honestly think the elderly and volunteers are much cuter than the pandas.

 And more pandas!
 Here comes snack-time! What do we have on the menu today? Sandwiches and Tip-top curry puffs. And sirs and m'ams, we serve mineral water too.

 The nurses are having fun too. We thank them for joining us and taking care of the elderly's needs.
After the break, we pay a visit to our long long long distance cousins. Geez, these monkeys are cheeky. One tip: do not bring food into this premise. Not even if you hide it behind your back on the wheelchair. They will follow you till the end of the world. 

 And more.. fish! This time it's Amazon Flooded Forest. This 10-metre deep underwater ecosystem houses some giant manatees (also known as Sea Cows) and  Arapaimas. The residents are definitely mesmerised by this world's largest fresh water aquarium exhibit.

 And so we have come to the end of the tour. Hopefully we have brought a little more joy to the elderly before the new year comes.
Presenting to you our team of wonderful tour guides (don not mistake them for giant angbaos) . Happy New Year 新年快乐 to all and we hope to see more of you at All Saints Home Tampines this year! 
Thank you, Pierce Wendy Carolyn Rae Ah Xing for organising this wonderful outing! 


Rae Kwa said...

Thank you Trang for the beautiful post. It's a blessing to have volunteers like yourself to share the love and joy with the elderly. <3

Henry said...

It's a very kind and nice work,.