Sunday, June 15, 2014

Celebrating Dumpling Festival

For each of us, the elderly and volunteers alike Merry May ended with a blast! We celebrated Dragon Boat Festival with games, songs, and of course, dumplings! Focus moment: The volunteers were in the unwrapping dumplings race. So much concentration and seriousness.
And this was the hawker center uncle who sold us the mouthwatering dumplings! He specially came down to serve the uncles and aunties his goods. No, just kidding, this is our dear volunteer Mohan.
And here comes the result of the race. Each elderly got to enjoy 1 filling dumpling.
"Oops, one dumpling doesn't seem that much. I have finished mine."
After makan session, let's play spot the difference. Featuring Clemence and Chanel with "A Thousand Years" and "Sundial Dreams".
It's real game time! This festival we played Fill in the blanks with idioms relating to the occasion and celebrated moral values. It was brain cracking but the uncles and aunties took the challenge and won many prizes still.
We ended the joyous Saturday with our ward-to-ward singing session which involved and entertained the elderly, the volunteers and even family members of the residents.

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