Wednesday, August 30, 2006

President Social Service Awards 2006 : Photo Galore!!

Photo Sharing of the President Social Service Awards 2006...
Happy viewing... :P
Upcoming next will be Part II , SzeLi and my joint reflective writeup of the event... Stay tuned!!

Oh yah... Not forgetting to thank Weini for asking me to go on her behalf to such meaningful event, been quite an eye-opener for me!! Thank gal! Arigato :) Next yr, it shall be your chance to go liao ok..

Majestic Istana @ Night
The Event Backdrop... Szeli n I simply love the red flower design :)
The Event Hall/ dazzling Function room..
Meaningful quote by His Excellency, President S R Nathan
Volunteers Circle... fr all walks of life

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Eric said...

Hey guys... Wow, should be a great event you have over there. =D Well done gals!!! Not forgetting our senior volunteers there also. =D