Saturday, July 08, 2006

Volunteering at All Saints Home - Tampines

Mass Games at A.S.H

SO WASSUP TODAE????'s really a "tough" day for all our volunteers today..LOLZ.. Today was the first time we tried out the BALL GAMES etc and everyone ah really sweat+perspire+pant+smell?(hee) like mad!! hee..however, cfm plus chop..EVERYONE DID ENJOY THOSE "TIRING" GAMES..haha... Today, alot of us came down for volunteering..there are teck ee lah, meng hwee lah, eric lah, me(weini), carolyn(akaweini's sister--->dunno?they say de..), kee teck, michelle, edmund, weizhong(jiahao's+weini's fren) and zhengsheng(aka alan who is jiahao's fren as well... haha), sharon and...did i miss out any one??hmm...dun tink so..lolz..10 pple leh..that's a lot as compared to previous eh? hope that we can maintain these number every sat..actually the purposes of having these games are meant to help to improve the old folks' hands and brain coordinations and as well as to avoid occurances of parkinson's and alzehmier's(did i spell wrongly) addition, the game somehow also help the old folks to build a better realtionship with one eh?den we will see alot of good frens among the old folks..haha.. now u guys noe why i said that it's tiring?? coz we played for an hour non-stop!!! haha..picking up fallen cans and restacked them back again for more "bowling", picking up sand bags from the box and redistributed them to the old folks for more "basketball scoring", passing and throwing balls to old folks and joining them in the mini-floorball..HITO NON STOP FOR AN HOUR~~~that's why we SWEAT+PANT+PESPIRE+SMELL.. but den u noe wad?? WE'VE FOUND THEM VERY EFFECTIVE!!! and THEREFORE for the coming month, we have decided to carry out another mass games for the old folks!!! YEAH~~so maybe teck ee and the rest go train their stamina...lolz..kidding la.. and hopefully ar..that day we will have COUNTLESS NUMBER OF PPLE(haha) coming down to join us for these "tough" cum fun games...hee

STILL>>>>THERE'S OUR WEEKLY SONG-SINGING SESSION with all our "players"(old folks and volunteers) at the CANTEEN... we made all the old folks formed a big circle with volunteers standing inside and we sang for almost an hour with a little help from the karaoke system(for the Ai Pian Jia Eh Eia song only lor...haha). Quite happening sia~~ and after that we helped to push them back to their respective wards before their dinner was ready..

ARE WE ENOUGH???? NO~~~~NO~~coz we visited some of the wards for a short song-singing session..haha..if not ar....e old folks upstairs complain leh..coz we have neglected them ma...muz be fair..lolz..and we gotta bear in mind that no matter wad we muz still carry out befriending everyweek..juz to find out how's the old folks are doing and if they are fine and u noe stuff like tt..lolz..(muz not get naggy..haha)

ARE WE DONE???? YES~~~ LIBRARY DISCUSSION...commented on the mass games and tink of ways to improve them lor...lolz..den HOME SWEET HOMW LOR...

Anyway, sze li...we noe that u are really busy wif ya work..but it's okay..dun worry..ya spirit is with us...WE CAN SENSE YOUR PRESENCE...eeewwww..lolz..kidding la..seriously if u need help from us..can email us..we are there to help!! WE are at YOUR service!!! COZ REMEMBER?? s'pore needa improve their customer service!!!! HAHAHHAHA..okok..anyway..heard from michelle about the cards stuff..maybe u email us the details lor.. take care ar..auntie pui ling WARNS you to take good care of yourself andd your body!!! HEALTH IS VERY IMPORTANT...rem? she always remind us these..

OKAY!! cya guys nxt week!! have a great weekend!!!

Sign off>>>>> WEINI


GSzeLi said...

Thanks for update. Yeah, was thinking if we wanna make it a group work, if not, michelle and I will do. Yeah, busy with work. I work almost 6 full days a week. Bao shua bao hai now. Everything also must do. Admin, basic account, sales and QS. When everything in office is settled, I will be there. :)

Eric said...

Hoho... Szeli.. All the best for your work. =D We all will take care All Saints till you are back.

Wei Ni, cool post. =D Hahaha... You and your signature style of writing. =P