Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another Fun Weekend with the Elderly on 29 Apr 06

Wow there is great response this week what with 11 volunteers joining us in a day filled with lots of laughter and joy:) Our new volunteers Carolyn , Christin, Kee Teck, Nanjun joined us with our very dedicated Eric, Sharon, Esther,Michelle,Teck Ee and Meng Kwee.

We started off with the usual handicraft activity which is stencil painting. Wow, the response for the handicraft has improved tremendously as more elderly are interested in joining us in the activities. Previously aunty Ah Eng who declined to participate has actually joined us! Hee, clearly, aunty Ah Eng who always look forward to our group singing session actually decided to join us when we assured her that there will be volunteers to assist her as she is paralysed and she can't move her right hand.

Hey don't play play and underestimate AS volunteers' singing prowess. I think we sang so well that there is a deluge of request for group singing. After clearing up for the handicraft, we proceeded to level 3 and sang all the way down to the ground floor.

We had a great day today singing to the elderly and seeing them immersing in the happy and dynamic atmosphere. Most importantly, they appreciate the fact there is group of volunteers who care for them to sing in the late Saturday afternoon. They applaused and some sang with us. Thinking of this, we must learn more songs lest they feel bored. Hee, with the guidance of our senior volunteers, we gonna learn more new songs. :)

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