Monday, February 27, 2006

Volunteering at All Saints Home


haha...on the previous sat, me,jiahao,sharon and meng kwee came for the visitng..erics came but he went back earlier coz he got sth on..and as for sze li,she said she was having a flu tt day,so she could make it to.. u ok ma,sze li??? take care ar gal..haha.. anyway, as usual we ard the wards to visit some of the old folks..however, i realsied thatmost of them actualy took an afternoon nap at that period of time...wah!!! such a coincident!! it's okie...nxt time i can just visit them and sharon took the balls from the first level and played wif some of the old folks who were sitting at the corridors waiting for their dinner..haha..rather tiring for me.but for some of them they din feel it the same well as i do, and were actually enjoying the ball game..wah!! they ain't wad u tink k..they really strong and energetic!! haha.. tink i better go train my muscles..nxt time will have more strength to compete wif them le!! ahha...JIAYOU~~ oh..later came jiahao and meng hwee..haha..we all combined power and held an outdoor mobile "concert". proudly presented by me,sharon,jiahao and meng hwee!! haha...we sang quite a no. of songs(guess repeated ones) but den couldnt sing it well...of course not coz we dun have wonderful vocal cords, it's juz that we DUNNO HOW TO SING!! ended up we all depended on meng hwee most of the time..haha.. hope tht the old folks dun mind...but we made our promised to them that the nxt time when we come, we will be definitely so much better den the previous time le!! HURRAY~~~ anywy, we need not worry abt the limited songs for our sing-along-session. coz i itnk moral home has compiled a THICK booklet of songs for us. OH MAN!!! thay are really nice... THANKS!!! haha... we juz have to learn those songs form there and sing to the kind and high tolerance old folks who appreciate our weekly outdoor "concert". haha..yeah...anyway, this coming week, we might be carrying out our handicraft do come down wif ya frens to join us..coz confirm plus chop there will be lots and lots and lots of FUN~~~~ ahhhaha!! kk...shall stop here for now...crap too much i itnk..cya guys!!!


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GSzeLi said...

Great job! Anyway see u guys on this Sat!