Monday, March 20, 2006

All Saints Home Volunteering Schedule

Hi people,

What's up??? I guess this is my first post to the blog. Hohoho... Want to post some schedule of our volunteering service. =D

We are planning some schedule for All Saints Home Volunteering sevice. Our service is on every Saturday. It starts at 1430.

Going to do some alternate handicraft session and sing on every week. I believe you all have read the handicraft session posted by Sze Li. =D If haven't, can scroll down to read or click here. =D It's really fun... =D

For those who like to go to karaoke, Good News for you!!! Now, you can go for Karaoke for free!!! Yup2, it's free. Well... without mic or TV for lyrics though. =P Can sing your heart out in All Saints Home. =D Come and share your beautiful voice with us. =D

The detailed schedule is shown below:

Week one:
1430 Befriending, playing ball
1530 Singing session (Please gather at level three)
1630 Dinner time.. Yeahh... =D Volunteers can go to level two or three to help feeding. =D

Week two:
1430 Handicraft sesion, one or two volunteer can go for befriending.
1530 Singing session (Please gather at level three)
1630 Dinner time... =D

Week one starts on the 25th March 2006. =D So come and join us. Looking forward to see you all there...


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